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Budget Sailing

Choices without ownership

If you don't own a sailboat, you may be able to crew on someone else's boat, join a club like Sailing Singles, or the organization, ASI.

ASI American Sailing Institute

offers lessons. After passing required course level/s, members (who pay in dollars and volunteer hours) can use ASI owned 18' Interlakes at Kensington Lake and Stony Creek, and/or larger boats on Lake St. Clair. Additional rules apply.

Buying used

You may be able to find a used sailboat that fits your needs. Choose a type you will enjoy, and be a savvy buyer. Make sure the boat is complete. Parts may cost more than you think, in dollars and/or time.

Our used sailboat selection varies. Boats are in good working order, equipment replaced or upgraded to our standards, and include a rigging lesson. Call.

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