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Creekfleet Sailing Club established 2009

We are a grassroots, small boat sailing club, founded by sailors, for sailors.

Our goal: everyone has fun, regardless of skill, sex, age, shape, stamina ...whether skipper, crew, or helper. Each small success is big when shared by understanding friends. We are your understanding friends.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

What was this day like?

flag on end, a steady 20MPH Flag was whipping. Winds estimated at steady twenty, gusts up, lulls slightly down. whitecaps —even in lulls; capsize/s likely; does everyone have a wetsuit? View from the launch: whitecaps even in lulls. patiently waiting for direction One of eight boats present, poised and ready, awaiting our leader's yea or nay. watching... this air will require much of our sailors Discussion among some of those skippers present, as to safety. Decided: wait a bit.... Marc, our leader, is a trustworthy conservative. We'd need to be able to help any boat in trouble. two windsurfers, harnessed, and thrill seeking Two windsurfers, harnessed in, experiencing a thrilling reach. experienced laser sailors rig, choosing grassy-cove launch Two Laser sailors chose to try sailing Stony with Creekfleet today. Their regular stomping grounds, Lake St. Clair, forecasted 30 MPH. After contemplating Stony's boat ramps, the wind direction (and the seaweed their centerboards would need to avoid), they chose the more protected area of the sailboard cove to rig, and used the grassy launch, which allowed them to sail out on a reach, not beat to start. Smart. And experienced. I hope they'll come back when we too are on the lake. John Hutt's weight and muscle a benefit today Control was the name of the game today, not speed. Life jackets AND wetsuits were a clear requisite.

What will next week bring?

Could be warm, sunny, and a perfect day for fall sailing. Last year, some Creekfleeters sailed into November. It ain't over til the fat lady sings. (Or Marc winterizes his boat.) No reports of either.

I'll keep you posted.

Fall Fun