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Crew for a sailor

sailor Matt Patterson

If you don't already know someone who sails, we'll help connect you. Large sailboats need people (crew) for various particular tasks. Small sailboats may need only one person to crew. If you know how to sail, terrific! If you don't, the skipper may offer to train you.

Key is, you need to be chosen. Be honest and clear about your experience and skills, or lack of them. Focus on your strong points: willingness to learn, positive attitude, timely arrival, and dependability. They count for a lot. Your physical size, gender, strength, and agility may work in your favor. Some boats need gorillas, some sail better with featherweights.

Volunteer to Crew

  1. Detroit Regional Yacht-Racing Association (DRYA)

    The DRYA maintains lists of boats looking for crew, and crew looking for boats. Great site to connect—especially larger sailboats. No fee, but you'll likely need sailing gear.

  2. Sailing Singles of Southeastern Michigan

    Open to single men and women with an interest in sailing, cruising, and connecting socially. Nominal member fee.

  3. Small Boat Sailing Clubs

    Members who need an occassional crew person usually seek crew from the club roster. You don't have to own a boat to join a club. Member or not, most clubs have bulletin boards where you can post a card with your name, skills, and availbility. Get to know club members. Attend an open house, visit and introduce yourself. A respectful attitude and strong desire to sail a small boat goes a long way.

  4. One-design Fleets

    The Laser and Sunfish require no crew, but most catamarans sail with two. Get a fleet's race schedule, and show up early while boats are arriving and being rigged. Be friendly, introduce yourself, and ask around. Some owners may be too busy to chat, others may not be. Be prepared to sail, just in case. Give your name, phone, and email, to anyone interested.

If you own a small sailboat

and are looking for crew, call Avon Sailboats.

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