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DVD Teaches Knots

Learn online from this DVD at Animated Knots by Grog™ .

Absolutely the easiest way to learn every knot you'll ever want to know.

best way to learn to tie knotsClear and comprehensive, this DVD includes knots just right for sailing (and other categories as well). It even demonstrates the proper way to cleat a line. Become an expert yourself, and gift one to your sailor of choice. Only $14.95

Knot Books

sailing knot bookGeoffrey Budsorth, popular knot book author, brings us the Complete Book of Sailing Knots and gives a brief introduction to each knot, its history, correct uses, and alternative names. Two-color illustrations throughout. Included are seizings, whippings, and bends. Perfect for sailors. Its beautifully illustrated cover is a bonus. $18.95

knots & spicing how-to bookOnly 5 x 7 inches, Knots and Splices is my first resource when no knot I already know will do. Succinct page text begins "use this knot for. . ." and inevitably, it's just the knot I need! Discusses splicing too. $10.95

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