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Small sailboat parts and accessories

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If it's available, we have it. Replacement parts, accessories, and upgrades for most catamarans, dinghies, & daysailers. Critical and common parts: block systems, ratchets, goosenecks, rudder fittings, mast bearings, stay adjusters, turnbuckles, halyards, cleats, sheaves, drain plugs, inspection ports, shrouds, battens, furling, reefing, boom vangs, outhauls, topping lifts. Trapeze harnesses, equipment, and systems. Wide selection of convenience items: quick pins, fast snaps, captive shackles. Sails, rudders, tillers, tiller extensions, centerboards, daggerboards, masts, booms, spars for most boats we sell, have sold, or service. If you need it to properly rig your small sailboat, or make your boat work easier/better, we've likely got it.

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We'll help you get more fun, more ease, & and better performance from your monohull, or catamaran, regardless of brand. We'll eliminate darn-its, drop-its, and help you make your boat a joy to sail. Come sail with us.

Hobie Cat parts and gear

Everything for catamarans

Beach wheels, Hobie Cat's "toybox," a storage box for your cat trailer to stow all your gear. Mast floats, righting aids/systems/kits, trapeze harnesses and equipment, wind indicators, tiller extensions, downhauls, outhauls, furling gear, covers, sail bags, fast shackles, quick pins, magic juice (McLube Sailkote), and more.

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Hobie Cat Parts and Accesories CatalogHobie Cat Parts and Accessories Catalog

Odd and unusual parts. Call us.

Hobie Kayak accessories

Transport dollies and trailers, covers, storage bins, buckets, ports, dry-bags, car-top carriers, anchors and anchor trollies, rod holders, livewells. Little lashings, bungies, tie downs, fittings....

Hobie Kayaking and Fishing catalogDownload large 9.9 MB
Hobie Kayaking and Fishing Parts and Accesories CatalogHobie Kayaking and Fishing Parts and Accessories Catalog

Sheetline, halyards, control lines

Large selection of excellent quality line for small boats, suitable for halyards, sheets, mooring, control lines. We know ropes.

Superior shock cord by the foot

1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8: Different stretch and strength characteristics, colored bungie with durable cover. Because you need it just right to work!

Nylon webbing

Tubular and flat: assorted widths and colors, buckles and connectors. For making, or repairing.

Nylon, plastic, and metal snaps, fasteners, eyestraps, shock cord hooks, and balls in every color.

Candy store for sailors

Superb gloves

Pluck them from our glove tree. Try gloves on for size, fit, and feel. All hands are not created equal, and neither are gloves.

Gloves with grip that won't fatigue your hands, tenora thread that won't rot; reinforced gloves that won't shred easily when handling high-tech lines.

Life jackets

Life jacket fit is critical —and you need it to be comfortable. Read all the hoopla and advertising you want, but until you put it on and it feels right, it shouldn't be your life jacket.

Sizes from infant to big guy. Vests that fit women and teens. Life jackets to wear while active, with plenty of freedom, minimal ride up, and no chin-chafe.

small sailboat hardware and accessories: Michigan: Avon SailboatsSailing knives, hog ring pliers, shacklers, tensioners (great for tramp lacing and/or getting that sail all the way up). Race timers. Hats, clips, glass guards, whistles.

Wetsuits, Boots, Spray Tops...

Excellent body gear for dinghy and cat sailors: functional, top quality, comfortable, good fitting. Terrific products well suited to dinghy and cat sailors. Brand names, lesser-knowns too. We are choosey —for your benefit. We save you time, and disappointment.

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