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Hobie Mirage Kayaks

Those are fast pedal boats!

Hobie Mirage DriveHobie Mirage Pedaling Kayaks are fantastic! Available in singles or doubles, rigid or inflatable. Sail, Fish, Explore. Workout, or relax. Easier to pedal than a conventional pedal boat. Lightweight to beach, store, and transport. Quick turns. Low maintenance. So versatile!


New, mesh, Vantage seat is super comfortable, and adjusts four ways to fit you perfectly. Pedals adjusts to leg length for proper, gentle-to-your-body workout.


Not only is the Hobie Mirage more efficient than a conventional pedal boat, you will zoom by any paddle-only kayak, like a cop car in the fast lane.

Visit our showroom to see all models, and see how they fit you!


Hobie Mirage Inflatable Stability DemoTom is demonstrating the stability of the Hobie Mirage Inflatable i12s by shifting his 200 pound body weight. Most anyone— timid, large, or physically challenged, can feel safe, and in control of this pedaling kayak.

learn more, visit hobiecat.com
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