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Race! for fun and practice

sailboat racing at Stony Creek Metropark

Learn to race

Racing will keep you interested your whole life; there are so many levels. You can race one-design or in a mixed fleet that use a handicap system, like Portsmouth Yardstick. Good news: you don't have to know much to begin.

Get the basics

Download basic rules from the link at the left. Watch the online video introduction to racing by US Sailing. (They are the Big Wigs of Sailing.) The video will show you what a race course looks like, how to start, how to identify the bouys —and where to look for them.

Need more help?

There are other free publications that will help you too, like racing basics. And there's books about racing, from entry level to advanced, available at libraries and our shop. It's not just about boat speed: sail trimming, rig tuning..., it's also about learning about wind, how to spot gusts and shifts by looking at the water, the lake. You're going to have so much fun!

No local fleet?

Start a fleet!

open racing

Stony Creek

Thursdays, 6:30 PM
Creek Fleet invites all small sailboats to try regatta sailing at Stony Creek Metropark, throughtout the summer. No experience necessary.

Cass Lake

Monday evenings
PYC invites all small singlehanded and double-handed (Sunfish, Laser, Vanguard-15...) to race on Cass Lake, Monday nights, June–3 August

learn the rules

animated handy guide

Basic Racing Rules

learn how to race

Online 6.5 minute video
Introduction to Racing

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