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Rigging your sailboat

Every sailboat has rigging nuances. If you can identify the boat you own, and it's currently in production, a rigging manual and/or product support is often available at the manufacturer's website, or if it's a one-design, additionally through its class association. Commonly requested manuals are at the links to the left.

Other tips regarding rigging (sailing, tuning, trailering, storing) might be learned from individual owners.

Find owners and ask their suggestions

If you own a one-design or similar type of sailboat you can search email "groups" like yahoogroups.com. Some, like the Sunfish owners group have extensive information and photographs archived, available to you free, simply by joining their email list.

hands on rigging lesson

cockpit clutter? rig your boat right!Bought a used sailboat? Dusting cobwebs off your old one? Have no idea where all those parts go, or where to start? We'll adjust the standing rigging, make sure everything works right and is strung properly, and advise you of any needed repairs or replacements. At the appointed time, you'll come, and we'll show you how to step the mast, attach the rigging, raise the sails, and do trim adjustments. We'll offer time-saving tips, and answer any questions you have. Most boats, $175 Call for appointment.

rigging manuals

Free Rigging Manuals
  1. Expo 12.5
  2. Expo 14.2
  3. Laser
  4. Pico
  5. Sunfish

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