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Walker Bay Dinghies

Walker Bay Dinghies on Display

Visit our showroom to examine Walker Bays up close.

See videos, photos, and detailed specifications at Walker Bay's website.

Play today.

portable fun — wheel in the keel!

Because sometimes, you just need a little boat.

In business for forty years, we've learned to be skeptical. "Walker Bay's prices are so low, what's wrong with their boats?" We tested, we jumped on 'em, we banged. We tried our own float test.

Walker Bays have earned a place in our shop—and that's not easy. Available in 8 ′ or 10 ′.

We also carry Walker Bay sailboats and other sailing dinghies.

More Stability?

tip resistant Walker Bay RIDWhen not capsizing is critical, Walker Bay RIDs (Rigid Inflatable Dinghies) float right up there with the lily pads. Inflatable tubes at the Walker Bay's perimeter serve as a good bumper too, when used as a tender. Add a sail rig and go play.

Tubes and sails are not cheap, but excellent quality is evident in every component. Given the added versatility, WB RIDs are a bargain. Available in two sizes: RID 9 or RID 10.

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