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New to sailing?

Sailing is great fun, and it's easy. Anyone can learn to sail in a mild breeze in a short period of time. This afternoon might be perfect.

Sailing in windy conditions takes practice, and sailing consistently fast and controllably in all conditions is a challenge.

Simplicity and fun attracts people to the sport. Challenge keeps you loving it.

Learn to sail

There's no one-and-only-right-way to learn. Take sailing lessons, crew for a sailor, learn to sail by joining a fleet, a club or organization like ASI. Try sailing, after reading and/or watching basic sailing books and DVDs.


Know how to swim, and wear a good-fitting life jacket. Learn in a light breeze on a small lake if possible.

Ideal wind

If a piece of yarn in your fingers sweeps in one direction, it's perfect. If it moves just a little,, it's still likely enough. Under 12 MPH is good.

Too much wind?

If the flag is whipping, and small sailboats are screaming along, don't rush out, even if you so want to look that good. Wait. Watch—especially if you are a novice. Olympic class sailors have difficulty controlling small sailboats on windy, gusty days.

Sailing alone, or with someone?

A good, first experience means you/he/she will want to sail again—and sail with you. If someone with you "knows how to sail" don't assume he knows how to sail a small boat on a windy day. What exactly is his experience? ASK.

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