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We fix boats.

Fiberglass & Epoxy Repair

Repairs to all small sailboats. Structural cracks, holes, leaks. If any part of your boat doesn't work properly, we can fix that too. No motor or electrical repairs. No repairs that require a hoist.

Centerboards, Rudders, Tillers

We fix splits, chips, and delaminations on wood parts and glass composite parts. We also refinish wood blades.

Need repair on something else?

Call us.

Sail repair

Sail repair supplies and suggestions for the do-it-yourselfer to fix small holes or tears.

If your sail needs a professional hand, we will send it out to a local loft, and you can pick it up at our shop when done. If you prefer to deal with a sailmaker directly, we recommend Kent Sails in Harrison Township.

Wire rigging & swaging

Halyards, shrouds, forestays, bridles, pigtails, trapeze cables, and more. Stainless steel or vinyl coated cable in black or white. Nicropress swaging on wire sizes 1/16" to 5/32," bench swaging on wire sizes 3/32" - 1/8." Small jobs while you wait.

Mast & boom work

Stainless steel pop riveting. Replacement of fittings on your spars, often, while you wait. We do not straighten bent masts.

Custom wood parts

Custom built parts to fit and last. Rudders, tillers, daggerboards, centerboards, or any integral wood part on your boat.


Furling jibs, reefing mains, topping lifts, travelers, barber haulers—we'll make your boat work better and easier for you. Rudder won't stay down? Centerboard won't come up? Need a motor mount, or battery box installed? Custom work and installations on all varieties of small sailboats.


We'll set your boat up, adjust the standing rigging, repair or replace any non-working parts, and suggest improvements.

Trailer lights not working? Bearings need replaced? Getting ready for vacation and need your trailer in good working order? We can help.

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