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Replacement parts and upgrades for most catamarans, dinghies, daysailers—and every boat we sell.

sails, rudders. . .

centerboards, daggerboards, tillers, tiller extensions, boom vangs, outhauls, trapeze equipment

masts, booms. . .

Sunfish, Laser, Laser Radial

Every part in stock: standard equipment & racing upgrades.

critical and common parts

rudder blades, cams, springs, locks, plungers, pintles, gudgeons, tiller u-joints, mast bearings, castings, traveler cars, stay adjusters, blocks, halyards, cleats, sheaves, drain plugs, inspection ports, trampolines for

Hobie and Prindle Catamaran Parts

odd and unusual

wood parts, goosenecks, mast pivot pins, hull and deck fittings for
CL 11, 14, 16, Wayfarer, Gull

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We know parts.


you were tightening the gooseneck—and it broke?

We have that.

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