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How to Learn

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learn by
learn by doing:

Want to be good?

How good, how proficient? And on what size sailboat? A small type, or a big one?

Expert Advice

Consider your personality and determine how much time/money you're willing to invest. Choose the method/s that you think will work best for you. Then practice, practice, practice.

If you need suggestions or more information, and you live in southeast Michigan, call lindy. Learning to sail small boats can be inexpensive and fun. Learn to sail today.

Learn Basic Sailing

  • learn to sail in 3 days coverfrom a free, 10-page booklet in straightforward language with clear, full color illustrations. Published in 1977 by Alcort, teaches novices how to sail a Sunfish. Content is applicable to most board boats—and the title lives up to its promise.

    Learn to Sail in Three Days

    Send an email to webmaster@avonsailboats.com to request it. Thanks!

  • learn to sail a hobie catLearn to Sail A Hobie Cat

    from a free, 37-page booklet in straightforward language with vintage black & white photos, illustrations, and diagrams. A classic from the '70s. Perfect for brand new sailors; relates to most catamarans, and many monohulls. An excellent how-to on everything you need to know. Includes docking, righting, trapezing —a fabulous, hands-on guide. Kudos to Hobie Cat!

  • Learn to Sail the Hobie Way

    Send an email to webmaster@avonsailboats.com to request it. Thanks!

  • Learn More about Sailing Catamarans

    If you'd like to take a ride on a cat, and talk with local cat-sailing enthusiasts, you'll have an opportunity this summer!

    Send an email to webmaster@avonsailboats.com and we'll keep you informed. Thanks!

  • How to Sail A Boat

    No visuals, but written by sailors. Online at WikiHow, the How-To Manual That Anyone Can Write or Edit.

  • Learn to Sail Videos

    coming soon!

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Optimist dinghy sailing
Hobie Cat sailing
Laser learning to upright

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