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Catalina Expo 12.5

Blink, and you'll be sailing!

Length 12 ′ 9 ″
Beam 5′
Sail Area 65 sq ft
Weight 160 lbs

Jump in a Catalina Expo 12.5 and sail away in seconds. It's no hassle, low maintenance, and all about convenience and fun!

So easy to beach; her sail rolls up in seconds.


  • Comfortable and Roomy

    Her foot well is deep and wide, so you're not sitting with your knees in your chest, and its rounded-edge is kind to the back of your legs when you are hiking out. The well extends forward and aft, all the way to the back of the boat, so there's plenty of room for you and a friend. There's also a seat across the cockpit, a handy place for a child.

  • Power You Control

    Her sail rig is especially user-friendly. Not only is her Hoyt boom angled, providing more headroom as you move aft, she has a SmartRig: her sail rolls up in seconds, much like a window shade, so you can easily adjust it to any size and keep her under control. Always. And her strong, carbon fiber mast means power, but it's tapered, which puts even less weight up high and allows it to flex in a gust, so you capsize less. And with a SmartRig, you just plunk the lightweight mast into the hole, tie one line, and you're ready to go. No cables, no halyards, no fuss. And in no time at all.

  • Sleek and Stable

    Her water entry is sleek, a deep V, and her hull widens out quickly to a hard chined, flat section aft putting stability under you and helping her accelerate quickly (plane), while providing easy and predictable handling, no matter which direction you're going.

  • Beaches Easy & Low Maintenance

    Rounded fiberglass everywhere with no crevices to collect dirt. Even her daggerboard and rudder blade are a fiberglass composite. No wood means no varnishing. Ever. Her sail is durable Dacron and when her SmartRig is rolled up, UV resistant panels on the outer edges of her sail protect the colored Dacron from the sun. It's like having a sail cover built in.

Additional Features
  • Two-tone, textured deck reduces glare on a sunny day
  • Kick up rudder automatically hinges for easy beaching
  • Tiller extension allows you to steer, no matter where you're sitting
  • Colored lines (green go, red stop) control the sail size
  • Mainsheet cleat
  • Stainless steel bow eye for mooring or trailering
  • Harken 4:1 ball bearing blocks
  • Padded, fade-resistant hiking strap
  • Built in flotation for safety
  • Hand laid fiberglass hull with Catalina's 5-year warranty
Color Choice

White hull with two-tone, gray and white deck, with your choice of ice blue, lime, pink, or red sail. All sails are edged in white UV cloth.


Boats in stock. Sail selection varies.

  • Wind vane
  • Mast and sail bag for storage
  • Deck cover
  • Padded blade bag for daggerboard and rudder
  • Dolly
  • Trailer
Additional Information
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  • Child Friendly
  • Rig & Beach Easy
  • Reefing Mainsail
  • Trailer Transport

NOTE: The Expo 12.5 from Avon Sailboats includes upgrades, like the UV protected sail. Dealers' standards vary.

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