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No Local Fleet?

Start one!

If you love sailing your boat, but there's no local fleet in which to sail, start one.

Desire, friendliness, and an ability to communicate well is all you need. We'll post your information at our website, and help you to advertise.

Can you work with another fleet?

An existing local fleet may be helpful to you, and you to them. Talk to key members. Perhaps your fleet could couple with theirs? If they are a small fleet, and want to grow, more boats on the water will encourage interest in both your fleets.

Find another sailor

to share the initial work. Ask if you can post a flyer at parks, sailing clubs—anywhere there's a launch site. Attach a small waterproof card to any unattended boat that fits your fleet's profile. Take a flyer to stores that sell sailing supplies. Put a sign on your boat, your sail, or wear a hat or teeshirt that says, "Sailboat fleet: members wanted." Tell other fleets about your fleet. Have your first meeting at Avon Sailboats if you'd like. Think of a working name for your fleet, and encourage members at your first meeting to suggest a permanent name.

Who can join?

Invite people of all ages and abilities to broaden your appeal. Make clear your fleet's focus, how often and at what lake/s you plan to sail—and be open to change based on the input of those attending your first meeting/s. Have an agenda, set a beginning and ending time for your meeting/s, and stick to it. Share responsibilities. The more people who participate in your fleet's operation, the stronger your fleet will be.

Print a schedule and pass it out. Share a picnic lunch after sailing. As your fleet grows, you can charge a modest fee which will help you purchase marks, and trophies if you'd like, for future years. In the beginning, the cost is nothing but your time. And we'll help.

start a fleet

Stony Creek

Everyone welcome. Thursdays, 6:30 PM Mixed boats.

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